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A ➟ Z of Rupert Grint; Natural

“I always had a feeling that Rupert just knew - I always had the feeling, I may be wrong, if you interview Rupert, he might say different, but my strong feeling is that he got Ron inside and out, and I don’t know that he needed anyone to tell him.” JK Rowling 

Rupert, I would say, is the most natural performer. He has the most beautiful comedy timing I think I’ve seen in a child.” Robbie Coltrane (Rubeus Hagrid)

“I think he has a real knack for comedy, but I do think he finds it difficult. He think he finds the absolute precision of it difficult. The reason he does seem to have a knack for it is that he’s a natural, and he has this wonderful personae that works so well on the screen. He was the easiest and nicest person to have around, and he was determined to do whatever I asked.” Jonathan Lynn | Wild Target Director

Rupert Grint is always very focused and his intense performances always feel very real and authentic. On top of that his looks make him perfect for the role and also helps to create a visual variation in this ensemble film.” Petter Næss | Into The White Director